Trend: Embroidery Everywhere

Hey guys,

So, imagine you’re at a friend’s house and everyone is talking and playing drinking games. You’re on the couch quiet not because you’re shy but you could really care less what they’re talking about. Then, someone brings up a certain topic and all of a sudden you’re the most passionate person in the room, screaming at the top of your f****** lungs.

Yeah, so that’s sort of me with the embroidery trend right now. Let me tell you how this all began…

Once upon a time, there was a designer called Gucci….  The end.

But seriously, everywhere I turn, there’s a piece of clothing completely covered in Embroidery. It’s like the designers and retail stores think they are a chain of Italian restaurants and embroidery is parmesan cheese or some s***.


Yes, there is such a thing as too much embroidery. Just like there is such a thing as drinking too much water, staying in the sun too long, my mom shouting and pretty much everything else that exists… Btw please don’t tell my mom about this… no, seriously.

However, the simple truth is embroidery is turning fashion into an arts and crafts fair and clearly, I’m not here for it.


The embroidery trend is one of many trends people will look back on five years from now and think, “who tf did I think I was wearing denim covered in all those embroidered roses?”

Do you guys remember the gypsy skirts with denim trend from about 2003? We somehow seemed to think those were a good idea as well. Care to share how you feel about them now?

Anyway I think I’ve made my feelings clear but here’s what you need to know about styling embroidered clothing…

4 Things to watch out for when wearing embroidery!

1. Don’t wear too many embroidered pieces at once!

         More This!                          Less This!!

2. Pair with neutral colors!

There is already enough going on so let the embroidered item be the main focus of your outfit and everything else be in the background. You won’t need to add too many bold colors but you could and end up looking like a circus clown.

3. Pair with clothing as the same colors as the embroidery

4. Don’t buy too many embroidered pieces!

Well, this one is really your choice. However, if you want to take advice from someone who has indulged in far too many trends, just get four or five pieces at the most.

Embroidery might seem really cool and edgy right now but in a year or two, you’ll probably open your closet and discover it’s filled with a lot of arts and crafts pieces you can no longer wear.


And like a wise person once said, “trendy is the last stage before tacky”.

Despite everything I’ve said, I think embroidery is actually really cool on clothes when it’s done and styled well. When this trend started, I loved embroidery because I thought it left clothes with a nice, colorful edge. I actually have an embroidered denim jacket.

However now, I think everyone is doing a little too much with it. If you disagree, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section, if not…

Until next time,


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