About Me

*Turns On Microphone* Hello Everyone!! And welccommmmee to ReadyToWear, this is your host speaking… Lanu Agusto and tooooday… Okay I’m going to stop fooling around now. I am a little crazy as you will come to discover in the coming weeks. Okay so what can I tell you guys about myself… I am a free spirit, I say what I like and like what I say. I spent most of my childhood feeling vulnerable and afraid of the world so now I like to do whatever the hell I want. I am a sociologist so of course I believe in the equality of men and women, the young and the old, race, religion, sexual orientation… basically just do you boo boo! I am a copywriter and aspiring graphic designer. I have also been writing poetry since I was fifteen, it’s a good outlet as opposed to punching people in the face. I am currently learning to speak Spanish in Spain. Last but not the least, the reason you guys are all here, I’m obsessed with style and I loovvee to shop. It has been this way since I was maybe seven. Seriously, just ask my mom, she would tell you how I would wander off and leave her searching for me all over Oxford street (London). Oh and I am twenty-two by the way.

About The Blog

This blog is specially for all things relating to learning how to style and shop specially for you. We will also be talking about so many topics like body types, colors, patterns, fabrics, how to shop, where to shop, shopping online versus shopping in-store. Even things like how to pack for short and long vacations, what you should always have in your handbag, how to layer in the winter. There will also be posts on style guides, color wheels, sales alerts, new stores and new trends. I am beyond excited and I hope you are too!! Welcome Again…

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